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Conference Date 12-13 Jan. 2019
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Dr. Susu Nousala is currently a Professor with D&I, Tongji University, head of Creative Systemic Research Platform, developing systemic project based learning programs with international partners. The focus is on social, complex, adaptive systems and the nexus between the intangible structures. In practice this work is applied to soical innovation and sustainable development, looking at bottom up and top down approaches, their impacts and longitudinal community building. Currently, Susu is a Professor with Wuhan university of Technology (part time).  Previously a Senior Research Fellow at Aalto University, Finland. She was also a lecturer for CS (creative sustainability program), course developer and project coordinator for Aalto LABs (a CS project activity). She has also been awarded an honorary Research Fellow at GAMUT, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne, Australia (current). Susu has been visiting professor at Chiang Mai University (Thailand) with the faculty of Management, business administration. Was a co-founder and co-director of Kororoit Institute (KI) Melbourne, Australia (KI is interdisciplinary research complex and chaotic systems). Susu was a Research Fellow at RMIT Design and Social Context, managing/researching for National and International research projects. Previously trained and worked in Art and cultural material conservation for various major cultural institutions Australia, England, France, Holland, USA and Singapore. To date she chaired and co-chaired at numerous international symposiums and conferences, is author and co-author for more than 50 refereed journal, conference papers and book chapters. She has received academic and international awards as an invited guest and keynote speaker. She has been successful in working with many multi-disciplinary teams (securing funding for National/International projects) in many countries including, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Finland, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, North America, Mexico.

Speech Title: Creative Systemic Processes, Sustainable approaches and the Bottom Up: a practice based learning platform

Abstract: Navigating more effectively through the complexities of urban structures of the 21st Century, will require some different approaches, including mind sets.
Using the idea of focusing on relationships between intangible structures and the physical as a “starting point”, this work proposes to discuss the approach and methodologies that were needed to set up the way forward for scoping, exploring and learning required to understand the nexus, of processes creative and otherwise, sustainable structures and why bottom up is as necessary as it’s more obvious counterpart of top down. This work is still in progress but attempts to highlight the current lessons learnt and the impact of the creative process via means other than the usual published print/text formats, which dominate current avenues of intellectual discourse.
This work discusses what is needed for the process and tracking relationships and datafication to highlight already existing communities of interest. These steps viewed as important for growing the next steps of developing the dynamic relationships needed for founding a community of practice, key to robust, sustainable urban life.
Initial discussions will begin with focal points that produce better understanding between: the history of experience, context, the top down and bottom up effects and the design of dynamic process methods involved.

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